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Top Contemporary Articles on Rohingya Affairs

Where Myanmar went wrong - Zoltan Barany (Frank C Erwin Jr)

Foreign Affairs - May/June 2018

Extract: "But the Rohingya are indisputably a distinct group with a long history in Myanmar. They are the descendants of people whom British colonial authorities, searching for cheap labor, encouraged to emigrate from eastern Bengal (contemporary Bangladesh) to the sparsely populated western regions of Burma in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries." 

Myanmar: an unfinished nation - Thant Myint U

Nikkei Asian Review - 17 June 2018

Extract: "Myanmar is a country changing fast. People are moving around as never before, both abroad and within the country, mixing and inter-marrying. Urbanization is gathering pace and soon most will live in a few of the bigger cities. Myanmar's leaders say they are marching toward democracy, peace and economic integration with the outside world. But the country carries with it the baggage of colonial-era ethnography and post-colonial nativism that can readily feed further ethnic conflict and renewed xenophobia.

"In this respect, Myanmar's biggest threat is not the return of dictatorship but an illiberal democracy linked to a negative nationalism. It is time for an honest and critical reexamination of history and a fresh search for a more inclusive, 21st century Myanmar identity."


"We will destroy everything" - Military Responsibility for Crimes against Humanity

Amnesty International - 27 June 2018

Amnesty Synopsis: Following the 25 August 2017 attacks on security posts by an armed group known as the Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army (ARSA), the Myanmar military swept through Rohingya villages. Soldiers killed women, men, and children; raped and committed other sexual violence against women and girls; hauled men and boys to detention sites, where they tortured them; and burned homes, shops, and mosques across several hundred villages. The report examines in detail the military’s atrocities, which amount to crimes against humanity under international law. It also examines the command structure of the Myanmar military, and identifies 13 individuals against whom Amnesty International has gathered extensive, credible evidence of direct or command responsibility for crimes against humanity.


Why Economic Sanctions won't help the Rohingya - Andrew Thomson 

Tea Circle Oxford - 26 June 2018

Extract: "Only by engaging in open and honest dialogue can a solution to the Rohingya crisis be brought about. Economic sanctions, however, will almost certainly not help Western nations establish this dialogue with Myanmar, nor will it likely succeed in coercing Myanmar’s military to respect the fundamental rights of the Rohingya. Either way, if Western nations wish to help the Rohingya, they must find another way, as sanctions are not the answer."


The True Origins of Myanmar's Rohingya - Carlos Sardina Galache 

Asia Times - 4 December 2017

Extract: "Rohingya leaders, by asserting their name, are playing by the increasingly rigid rules of the game in Myanmar. They have not created these rules, but the tragic irony is that they have legitimized and encouraged the notion of national races which now ideologically underlies their oppression. Trapped in Myanmar’s cage, it is understandable they feel there is little else they can do to assert their rights."



Rohingyas: Insecurity and Citizenship in Myanmar - 2016

CEDAW Submission: The Situation of Stateless Rohingya Women - 2016


Interim Report of the Investigation Commission on Maungtaw - 3 January 2017

Flash Report of OHCHR Mission to Bangladesh - 3 February 2017

Advance Unedited Report of the Special Rapporteur on Human Rights - 1 March 2017

Annan Advisory Commission Interim Report and Recommendations - March 2017

Myanmar Government welcomes Annan Advisory Commission Interim Report - 16 March 2017

HRC Resolution on the Situation in Myanmar adopted on 24 March 2017 without a vote

Report of the Special Rapporteur to the UN General Assembly - 8 September 2017

Mission Report of OHCHR Mission to Cox's Bazaar 13-24 September 2017

UN Security Council: Record of the 8060th Meeting on 28 September 2017

House of Commons: Debate Pack for use of MPs in the debate on 17 October 2017

UN Security Council: Text of Presidential Statement on Myanmar 6 November 2017

UN Security Council: Record of the 8085th Meeting 6 November 2017

Report of the UK Foreign Affairs Committee on Violence in Rakhine State 11 December 2017

UN Security Council: Record of the 8133rd Meeting 12 December 2017


Report of the UK International Development Committee on the Rohingya Crisis 9 January 2018

UN Security Council: Record of the 8179th Meeting on 13 February 2018

European Council Conclusions on Myanmar/Burma - 26 February 2018

Report by Bob Rae, Canadian PM's Special Envoy, on the Rohingya Crisis - April 2018

UN Security Council: Press Statement on UNSC Visit to Bangladesh and Myanmar - 9 May 2018

UN Security Council: Record of the 8255th Meeting on 14 May 2018

(Final Draft) Memorandum of Understanding between Myanmar, UNDP and UNHCR - May 2018


Statement By Cardinal Charles Bo, Archbishop of Yangon - 26 June 2017

An evolution of Rohingya Persecution: Middle East Institute - Zarni and Cowley 20 April 2017

A critique of  eight articles by U Ba Tha written between 1959 and 1966 - 7 March 2017

Interview with Vijay Nambiar: "No Country for the Rohingyas" - Rediff News 2 March 2017

An Innocent in La La Land? Misinformation in Dr Ibrahim's Book - 1 March 2017

Review of revised edition of Dr Ibrahim's book - 1 February 2018

ASEAN Foreign Ministers Retreat Yangon: Speech by Malaysian FM - 19 December 2016


1940: Report on Indian Immigration - Financial Secretary James Baxter 

Command Paper 7029 - Record of Conversations between HMG and Aung San

Extracts 1947 Panglong Hugh Tinker Volume II

Report of the Frontier Areas Committee of Enquiry 24 April 1947

1948: Death of Aung San - Allegations of British involvement

1972-1973: List of 144 [143] national ethnic races for use in the 1973 Census

Suu Kyi - Sao Shwe Thaik family relations: UK FCO correspondence 1973

Suu Kyi at Oxford 1979: Comments on Indians, British, Chinese and Japanese

1982 Citizenship Law     

1983 Citizenship Rules

Rohingya/Muslim Issues - Database

Thein Sein assures Guterres of legality of Bengali Immigration during British Rule

Burmese Text of Report by President's Office on 12 July 2012

RFA report of Thein-Sein Guterres Conversation on 11 July 2012

IMF - Myanmar 2016: Article IV Staff Report - 2 February 2017

Text of Bangladesh-Myanmar Agreement on Refugee Repatriation dated 23 November 2017


The UK's supposed complicity in the mass killings in Indonesia in 1965

Statement in Open Court Geidt and de Normann v. Pilger and CIT plc 5 July 1991

Background Notes

1. The Rewriting of History: Rohingya Anachronism - 7 May 2018

2. A comment on "Fact Sheet on the Rohingya" by Maung Zarni - 26 May 2018