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Military Coup in Myanmar - 1 February 2021


Notifications and Announcements


GNLM: Notification No. 1 of the Commander in Chief - 1 February 2021

GNLM: Office of the President Order No 1 - 1 February 2021

GNLM: Meeting of the National Defence and Security Council - 1 Feb 2021

GNLM: Miscellaneous Appointments - 1 February 2021

Information for the People': Office of the C-in-C - 2 February 2021

MFA Statement and diplomatic briefing: GNLM - 6 February 2021

Announcement 1/2021 of the Union Election Commission - 8 July 2021

Announcement 2/2021 of the Union Election Commission - 26 July 2021

Order No. 152/2021 of the SAC - 1 August 2021




Statement to the UK House of Commons

Minister of State Nigel Adams - 2 February 2021


Security Council unity 'crucial' to support democracy in Myanmar

UN News: "Consultations" among UNSC Members - 2 February 2021

Text of Remarks by the UNSG's Special Envoy Christine Burgener 

UNSC VTC Consultations on Myanmar - 2 February 2021

Myanmar coup on the pretext of a constitutional fig leaf

Melissa Crouch: East Asia Forum - 3 February 2021

Message to the People of Myanmar

Cardinal Charles Maung Bo: Religions for Peace - 3 February 2021

The Coup in Myanmar: What do we know?

Andrew Selth: The Interpreter, Lowy Institute - 3 February 2021

Aung San Suu Kyi is flawed but needs our Support

Baron Darzi of Denham: The Times - 4 February 2021

Press Statement on the Situation in Myanmar by Security Council President

UN Press Centre - 4 February 2021

Myanmar needs a new kind of democracy

Thant Myint-U: New York Times - 5 February 2021

China does not like the coup in Myanmar

Enze Han: East Asia Forum - 6 February 2021

Myanmar's coup: Reversion to Type

The Economist: Briefing - 6 Feburary 2021

Ghosts of coups past in Myanmar

Mary Callahan: East Asia Forum - 7 February 2021

Post legalism and Myanmar’s contradictory coup

Nick Cheesman: ABC Religion and Ethics – 9 February 2021

Myanmar, still escaping the shackles of the past

Alan Doss: Passblue - 9 February 2021

Measure of the man who stole Myanmar's democracy

David Scott Mathieson: Asia Times - 10 February 2021

Behind the coup: what prompted Tatmadaw's grab for power?

Hunter Marston: New Mandala - 12 February 2021

Myanmar's youth holds the country's future in their hands

Thant Myinyt-U: Financial Times - 12 February 2021

Responding to the Coup

International Crisis Group: Briefing No 166 - 16 February 2021

China addresses rumours, urges Myanmar to settle political differences

Ambassador Chen Hai: Myanmar Times - 16 February 2021

Statement by Concerned Businesses in Myanmar

Myanmar Centre for Responsible Business - 19 February 201

Statement by the President of the Security Council (US) on Myanmar

US Mission to the UN: 10 March 2021

Debate in the UK House of Lords on Protests in Myanmar

Hansard House of Lords: 10 March 2021

What Next for Burma?

Thant Myint-U: London Review of Books Blog - 18 March 2021

Who Failed Myanmar?

Kavi Chongkittavorn: The Irrawaddy - 31 March 2021

Statement by the President of the Security Council (Vietnam) on Myanmar

Vietnamese Mission to the UN: 31 March 2021

Can Myanmar's Democracy be rescued?

Interview with Derek Mitchell: Bloomberg - 18 April 2021

Is Burma's Army in Trouble?

Vijay Nambiar: PassBlue - 19 April 2021

Myanmar and the Lessons of History

Andrew Selth: Asia Link - 23 April 2021

ASEAN Chairman's Statement and Five Point Censensus

ASEAN Website: 24 April 2021

Aung San Suu Kyi's uncertain fate

Andrew Selth: Asia Link - 13 May 2021

Myanmar's Military struggles to control Virtual Battlefield

International Crisis Goup - 18 May 2021 

Taking Aim at the Tatmadaw: The New Armed Resistance 

International Crisis Group Briefing - 28 June 2021

The Domestic and International Implications of the Military Coup

Andrea Passeri: IKMAS (Malaysia) Working Paper - September 2021

Myanmar's Military Mindset: An Exploratory Survey  

Andrew Selth Griffith Asia Institute - September 2021

The Deadly Stalemate in Post-Coup Myanmar

International Crisis Group - 20 October 2021

Committee Representing Pyidaungsu Hluttaw [CRPH] - NUG

Website of the Committee Representing Pyidaungsu Hluttaw

Website of the National Unity Government

Online Burma Library - CRPH Documents

Online Burma Library - NUG Documents

Federal Democracy Charter- Parts I and II - 2021

Policy Position on the Rohingya in Rakhine State - 3 June 2021

Formation of the National Unity Government of Myanmar - 16 April 2021

Myanmar’s Representation at the United Nations 2021

The Battle for Myanmar’s Seat at the UNGA

Catherine Renshaw: The Lowy Institute - 10 August 2021


Briefing Paper: Myanmar’s Representation in the United Nations

Special Advisory Council for Myanmar - 11 August 2021


Briefing Paper: Recognition of Government

Special Advisory Council for Myanmar - 23 August 2021

Briefing Paper: The Responsibility to Protect (R2P) in Myanmar

Special Advisory Council for Myanmar - 1 September 2021

Briefing Paper: The Response of UN Political Bodies to the Coup

Special Advisory Council for Myanmar - 9 September 2021

Legal Opinion: The Representation of Myanmar at the UN

Myanmar Accountability Project - 14 September 2021