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          General Elections 2020 in Myanmar

                     Sunday 8 November

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1990 General Elections and Commentary

2010 General Elections: Analysis and Results

2012 By-Elections: Results, Analysis and Commentary

2015 General Elections: The Campaign

2015 General Elections: Results, Analysis and Commentary

General Articles on the 2020 Elections

Stirring hatreds ahead of Myanmar Elections

Hunter Marston - The Lowy Interpreter 4 March 2020

Hate speech and extremist ideology are on the rise as parties vie for votes, and more violence could be the consequence.

What the NLD’s top-down party structure means for Myanmar

Richard Roewer - East Asia Forum 1 May 2020
The NLD is characterised by low levels of regulation and provisions that allow the sidestepping of democratic processes. 

Ben Dunant - Frontier Myanmar 27 July 2020

Talk of a post-election “coalition” misrepresents Myanmar’s winner-takes-all electoral system and gives false hope that minority interests can be meaningfully represented without constitutional reform.



        Portraits of The Lady 

            Zwe Yan Naing