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          General Elections 2020 in Myanmar

                     Sunday 8 November

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2010 General Elections: Analysis and Results

2012 By-Elections: Results, Analysis and Commentary

2015 General Elections: The Campaign

2015 General Elections: Results, Analysis and Commentary

Basic Documents

Myanmar Management Information Unit - Core Documents - Sep 2020

NLD presents its policy, stance and work programmes - GNLM 18 Sep 2020

General Articles on the 2020 Elections

The Myth of Coalition Government

Ben Dunant - Frontier Myanmar 27 July 2020

Talk of a post-election “coalition” misrepresents Myanmar’s winner-takes-all electoral system and gives false hope that minority interests can be meaningfully represented without constitutional reform.

Jason Gelbort - Frontier Myanmar 13 August 2020

Global experience shows that coalition governments are far from unusual in presidential systems, particularly where the president lacks a strong veto. 

Myanmar election will fall short of democratic standards 

Richard Horsey - Financial Times 10 September 2020

The future of Myanmar politics is deeply uncertain. Aung San Suu Kyi is 75 as she heads towards a second five-year term, with no apparent succession plan. The constitution requires civilian governments to share power with the military. Myanmar will only be able to solve its big problems - lack of peace, minority rights, the Rohingya crisis - if a civilian government with the vision to do so can bring the military onside. This election is unlikely to produce that result.

Human Rights Watch - 5 October 2020

Electoral problems include discriminatory citizenship and other laws that bar most Rohingya Muslim voters and candidates; reservation of 25 percent of parliamentary seats for the military; criminal prosecutions of government critics; unequal party access to government media; and the lack of an independent election commission and complaints resolution mechanism.

Securing a Fair Election in Myanmar's Conflict Zones

Khin Khin Mra - New Mandala 13 October 2020

Myanmar’s election this year is marked by positive developments such as new levels of party competition, with participation by more than 90 parties. However, the inclusion and access of voters in Rakhine state remains a formidable challenge. Without active measures from the government to ensure voters can reach polling stations in the conflict-affected state, the integrity and legitimacy of the 2020 election will be in dispute. As the AA’s armed struggle appears increasingly attractive to young and first-time voters, Myanmar’s democracy cannot afford the appearance of another false promise.



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