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Blogs and Op-Eds  by Derek Tonkin on the situation in Myanmar

A Critical Analysis of the IIMM Report on Anti-Rohingya Hate Speech - 11 April 2024

An examination of the low threshold for "hate speech" set by the IIMM

In Defence of Aung San Suu Kyi - 22 February 2024

Why Daw Suu could not "speak out" on the Rohingya crisis - Lowy "Interpreter"

Daw Aung San Suu Kyi and her Struggle for Democracy at The Hague - 9 February 2024

Daw Suu pursued her fight for democracy against the Military even at the ICC.

Notes on the Revocation of Suu Ki's Freedom of the City in Brighton - 28 October 2023

A critique of the briefing for the Brighton and Hove City Council meeting on 19 October

The Labyrinth of the Rohingya Conundrum: “The Burmese Path to Genocide" July 2023

U Nu as presented in the Special Exhibition in the US Holocaust Memorial Museum

A Critique of the UEC Report of the 2020 Election Process - 12 January 2023

The grounds given for annulling the results of the 2020 Election have no serious basis.

Notes on progress towards Self-Government and Independence 1945-47

A Study of the Executive Councils appointed by British Governors prior to Independence

A Critical Assessment of the Exhibition "Burma's Path to Genocide" - July 2022

The US Holocaust Memorial Museum might wish to review a fallacious narrative

Myanmar: Anatomy of a Sanctions Campaign Disaster - 25 January 2022

The withdrawal of Total and Chevron from Myanmar likely have unexpected results

The Distortion of British Colonial Archives - 31 August 2021

A Critique of Chapter 2 of Ronan Lee's Book on "Myanmar's Rohingya Genocide"

Notes on a Letter to Dominic Raab from the APPG on Rohingya Rights - 6 January 2021

An analysis of inaccuracies in the APPG letter      

A Note on the International Utilisation of the "Rohingya" Designation - April 2020

An analysis of the use of the term "Rohingya" internationally; 1991-92 as the likely start

Mission Creep Untrammelled: The UN Fact-Finding Mission on Myanmar - April 2020

The Fact-Finding Mission exceeded its mandate, notably in recommendations made

The UN Fact-Finding Mission's Mischievous Use of Historical Resources - 1 March 2020

A  further examination of misrepresentation and factual inaccuracy in the Report

Historical Bias in the Report of the UN Fact-Finding Mission - 7 December 2019

A critique of the partisan and biased historical approach by the Mission


Migration from Bengal to Arakan during British Rule 1826-1948 - 6 December 2019

Reflections on the British role in settlement from the Chittagong Region of Bengal


Inaccuracies in Gert Rosenthal's Inquiry Report on the UN in Myanmar - 20 June 2019

The report makes commendable recommendations, but the historical background 

presented lacks authority


Comments on a speech by Dr Radhika Coomoaraswamy in Colombo on 3 May 2018

The speech makes numerous bizarre and inaccurate statements which undermine her independent status


Problems with the Kofi Annan recommendations on citizenship - 16 December 2018

Why the Myanmar Government may have difficulty while accepting 81 of the 88 recommendations


A specious argument concerning the right to citizenship of many Rohingyas

The designation "Rohingya" conspicuous by its absence from Burmese law


Comments on "Myanmar's 'Rohingya' Problem by Anthony Ware and Costas Laoutides

A critical analysis of some aspects of this important publication


Letter to "Myanmar Times" on "The Border between Bengal and Arakan" - 24 May 2018

An analysis of some historical aspects of an article in "The Myanmar Times" by Harn Yawnghwe

The Muslim Presence in Arakan: Four Important Historical Documents - 2 January 2018

A submission by Mr Derek Tonkin to the UN HRC Fact-Finding Mission on Myanmar


Written Evidence submitted in October 2017 to the Foreign Affairs Committee

Conflicting narratives concerning the origins of "Rohingya", with recommendations


The Rohingya Conundrum - October 2017

The nature of the threat posed by ARSA, examined in an historical context


Exploring the Issue of Citizenship in Rakhine State - September 2017

A fresh look at the claims of Rakhine Muslims to citizenship under the 1982 Law

An Innocent in La La Land? Misinformation in Dr Ibrahim's Book - 1 March 2017

A critique of "The Rohingyas: Inside Myanmar's Genocide" by Azeem Ibrahim


Myanmar, Human Rights and Academic Integrity - 4 November 2015

An analysis of the recent report by Yale International Human Rights Clinic on possible genocide


Rohingya: Breaking the deadlock - The Diplomat 16 October 2015

Might a UN 'Committee of Wise Men' point the way towards an eventual resolution?


Shenanigans in Oslo - 9 May 2015

A critical appreciation of the forthcoming Conference in Oslo on the Rohingya.


The Rohingya Situation - 23 April 2015

Background Paper used for a short presentation at the London School of Economics


"Je suis Rohinga": The West's Dilemma - The Myanmar Times 23 February 2015

The grounds on which citizenship should be restored to Rakhine Muslims


The Power of the R-word: Daw Suu's dilemma - 3 January 2015

Aung San Suu Kyi has a difficult choice about how to designate Arakan Muslims


The Mujahid Revolt in Arakan - 17 September 2014
Commentary on a 1952 analysis by the British Foreign Office of the Mujahid rebellion

The R-word and its ramifications: DVB - 17 August 2014
How the insistence on 'Rohingya' ethnicity has led Muslims to deny their Bengali roots

The 'Rohingya' Identity - Arithmetic of the Absurd: 9 May 2014
A response to U Kyaw Min who challenged my understanding of the 'Rohingya' issue

The 'Rohingya' Identity - Further Thoughts: 19 April 2014
Further history on the identity of Muslim groups in Arakan and its relevance today

The British Experience in Arakan 1826 - 1948 - 9 April 2014

A brief review of how the British coped with the Muslim issue in Arakan in their censuses

The Death of Aung San in 1947 - 8 October 2013

The significance of the release of the full text of a 1948 letter from Ambassador Bowker 


A Fresh Perspective on the Muslims of Myanmar - 7 July 2013
An independent examination of the problems facing Muslims in Arakan


Presentation to ISEAS Singapore by Derek Tonkin on the UNSC Vote on 12 January 2007

An analysis of the inevitability of a double China/Russia veto on a UK/US sponsored draft